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  • Central American Resource Center

    Agency: Central American Resource Center

    OVERVIEW: Protects the legal rights of low-income Latino individuals. Offers immigration legal services, community support services, citizenship classes and housing counseling. SERVICES: 1) LEGAL CONSULTATION: Offers direct legal consultations covering a variety of family and humanitarian based immigration cases.2) CITIZENSHIP CLASSES: Offers citiz...

  • National Alliance for Hispanic Health, The

    Agency: National Alliance for Hispanic Health, The

    HELPLINE: Su Familia Helpline: Bilingual health specialists provide basic health information on a wide range of topics and make referrals to local health care providers.  Also, provides a website with information about Hispanic health legislation as well as fact sheets, articles, and publications on a variety of health topics related to Hispanics.

  • Baltimore American Indian Center

    Agency: Baltimore American Indian Center

    Provides recreation and outreach to Native American families. SERVICES:1) RECREATION/EDUCATION: Offers weekly cultural activities for adults to learn how to develop a healthy self-image. Provides an opportunity for adults to discuss and share cultural traditions.2) OUTREACH: May refer Native Americans to the organization "Native American Lifeline,"...

  • Native American Youth Crisis Hotline

    Agency: Women of Nations

    SUPPORT HOTLINE: Offers a hotline for Native American youth across the country to call for supportive listening and help with resources in the community.

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