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  • Charles County Public Schools

    Agency: Charles County Public Schools

    OVERVIEW: Mandated to provide free and appropriate education to all Charles County children.SERVICES:1) CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION: Provides instruction for students of all abilities in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade programs. Offers Science,Technology, Industry and an Environmental Education Program.2) ADULT EDUCATION: Offers continuing educa...

  • St. Mary's County Public Schools

    Agency: St. Mary's County Public Schools

    OVERVIEW: Provides free and appropriate education to all St. Mary's County children and youth.SERVICES:1) ADULT EDUCATION: Offers classes in GED preparation.2) CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION: Provides educational programs for students of all abilities from kindergarten through 12th grade.3) DEPARTMENT OF STUDENT SERVICES: Offers guidance services to he...

  • Hillcrest Children's and Family Center

    Agency: Hillcrest Children's and Family Center

    OVERVIEW: Promotes the well being and spiritual development of all children, youth, and adults of the Washington DC Metropolitan area through comprehensive, culturally-responsive, family and community-focused services, education, and advocacy.    SERVICES: Offers a variety of mental health services to children, adolescents and their families.  Offe...

  • On Our Own, Cecil County

    Agency: On Our Own of Maryland, Inc

    PEER SUPPORT: Provides a wellness and recovery center offering peer support, education, social, and community supports for anyone in need of mental health support. Active participation in personal recovery is encouraged, and individuals are empowered to advocate for themselves.

  • Washington County Mental Health Authority

    Agency: Washington County Mental Health Authority

    CORE SERVICE AGENCY: Responsible for planning, developing and monitoring a system of services for the elderly, adults, children and adolescents of county with mental illness and of low incomes. Provides resources for mental health within the county.  

  • Wicomico County Regional Core Service Agency, Wellness and Recovery

    Agency: Wicomico County Health Department

    WELLNESS AND RECOVERY PROGRAM: Offered thru Lower Shore Friends Inc, that provides peer support and advocacy for individuals living with a mental illness in the Tri-County area.

  • Defense Centers of Excellence

    Agency: US Department of Defense

    OVERVIEW: Provides mental health information and referral and advocacy to active military, veterans and their families. Targeted to individuals dealing with mental health issues and traumatic brain injuries. SERVICES: 1) INFORMATION & REFERRAL: Provides specialized information and referral on a wide variety of military related mental health option...

  • Chesapeake Voyagers

    Agency: Chesapeake Voyagers

    SUPPORT GROUPS: Promotes wellness and recovery by empowering individuals with mental health needs to reach their full potential. The center offers activities and support groups to help individuals with their recovery.-Emotions Anonymous: Offers a 12-step program for people to come together for the purpose of working towards recovery from emotional ...

  • Family Partnership of Frederick County, Home Visiting Services

    Agency: Family Partnership of Frederick County

    COVID-19 Update (12/2020): Services are conducted virtually.HOME VISITING SERVICES: Provided to families who are unable to attend the Center for a variety of reasons with the hope that each family can be transitioned into the Center, as appropriate. These services are provided to expectant and / or families with children birth to 3 years old. Home ...

  • Family Partnership of Frederick County, Health Education

    Agency: Family Partnership of Frederick County

    NOTE: Offers free transportation to those within a 10 miles radius of the center for programs and childcare while parent is on site.HEALTH EDUCATION: Participating families are provided with education on a variety of health topics that are related to the physical and emotional wellbeing of children, youth, and adults. The focus is primarily on heal...

  • Go-Getters, Salisbury

    Agency: Lower Shore Clinic

    OVERVIEW: Provides a community of friendship providing sanctuary and support to adults recovering from severe mental illness. Also offers psychiatric rehabilitation programs that supports clients to live and work in the community.SERVICES:1) DAY PROGRAM: Provides day program where clients learn social and daily living skills, job training, GED clas...

  • Go-Getters, Somerset

    Agency: Lower Shore Clinic

    OVERVIEW: Provides support, encourage members to develop self-sufficiency and independence, and maximize potential for eligible individuals.SERVICES:1) DAY PROGRAM: Provides day program five days a week from 9AM to 1PM, offering social and daily living skills, crafts and psychiatric education, medication monitoring, money management and assistance ...

  • Senior Services

    Agency: Affiliated Sante Group

    COVID-19 Information: Visits will be telehealth visits for the duration of the pandemic.Offers up to 25 in-home counseling visits. Offers practical support. Provides in-home consultations and shares recommendations with senior’s PCP. Educates seniors on mental health and wellness. Offers community outreach and drop-in support groups. Educates and s...

  • Peer Connection

    Agency: Lower Shore Clinic

    OVERVIEW: Offers a rehabilitation program for individuals with co-occurring disorders of chronic mental health and drug addictions. Also provides linkage to community resources.SERVICES: 1) DAY PROGRAM: Offers group counseling, problem solving, relapse prevention, coping skills, co-dependency, anger management, addiction education and personal cont...

  • Healing Conversations

    Agency: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

    SUPPORT: Offers peer support with specially-trained volunteer survivors to visit individuals who have lost a loved one due to suicide. Volunteers provide support and reassurance by offering information about support groups, healing conferences and other resources and suggests reading materials.

  • On Our Own, Frederick County

    Agency: On Our Own of Maryland, Inc

    COVID-19 UPDATE: "Warm Line" with expanded hours 10am-8pm seven days a week using main number.  Offering reassurance calls made by staff and trained volunteers.  Requests for this service can be made through the warm line or via website.SUPPORT CENTER: Offers peer support, recovery and wellness for those who experience mental health and behavioral ...

  • Mental Health Association of Frederick County, Hotline / 211 Call Center

    Agency: Mental Health Association, Frederick County

    OVERVIEW: Provides free confidential telephone services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for callers of all ages in the Western Counties of the state.SERVICES:1)  211: Provides information and referral to a variety of governmental, health and human services as well as supportive listening to individuals of all ages regarding a variety of issues incl...

  • Sidran Institute

    Agency: Sidran Institute

    Provides advocacy, education and resources to benefit persons with disassociative disorders or has experienced injuries of traumatic stress, whether caused by family violence, crime, disasters, war, or any other overwhelming experience. Focus is on development of programs, projects and publications for survivors of catastrophic trauma, their famili...

  • Community Crisis Services (CCSI), Hotline / 2-1-1 Call Center

    Agency: Community Crisis Services

    Services Include:  1)  211: Provides information and referral to a variety of governmental, health and human services as well as supportive listening to individuals of all ages regarding a variety of issues including: loneliness, depression, suicide, abuse, relationships, family concerns and substance abuse. Out of area callers or callers who can't...

  • Mobile Crisis of Harford County

    Agency: Core Service Agency of Harford County

    MENTAL HEALTH: Provides emergency mental health assessments, referrals to mental health resources, hospital admissions, if required, critical incident stress management services, and urgent psychiatric appointments if needed. Does NOT provide shelter, housing, financial assistance, or transportation. 

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