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  • Korean Community Service Center of Greater Washington, Montgomery County

    Agency: Korean Community Service Center of Greater Washington

    OVERVIEW: Offers assistance with social services, economic empowerment services, family enrichment services, senior empowerment, health promotion, immigration services. SERVICES: 1) SOCIAL SERVICES: Provides assistance with case management, counseling, information and referral, interpretation and translation, and escort for low to moderate income i...

  • Korean Community Service Center of Greater Washington, Prince George's County

    Agency: Korean Community Service Center of Greater Washington

    OVERVIEW: Offers assistance with social services, economic empowerment, homeowner education, family enrichment, senior empowerment, health promotion services, and immigration counseling.SERVICES:1) SOCIAL SERVICES: Provides assistance with case management, counseling, information and referral, translation & interpretation, and escort services for l...

  • Jewish Social Service Agency

    Agency: Jewish Social Service Agency

    OVERVIEW: Provides counseling, employment services, hospice, in-home support, and senior services. SERVICES:1) COUNSELING: Offers individual and marital counseling in regards to anxiety, depression, social anxiety, aging issues, bereavement, stress management, parenting, communication, conflict resolution, etc. Also, provides individual and group c...

  • Charles County Department of Health, Health Services

    Agency: Charles County Department of Health

    OVERVIEW: Provides affordable health services to Charles County residents. SERVICES: 1) NURSING AND COMMUNITY HEALTH: o Children: Offers a school health program, maternal & child health services, immunizations, and health insurance for children, WIC, child abuse and neglect prevention,  and dental services.  o Adults: Offers the Breast and Cervic...

  • Somerset County Health Department

    Agency: Somerset County Health Department

    OVERVIEW: Provides a wide range of health, addiction, and preventative services to Somerset County residents.SERVICES:1) REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH: Offers a variety of reproductive health services to teens, women of childbearing age and men. Provides pregnancy testing, birth control, counseling, contraceptive supplies, testing and treatment for sexually ...

  • Worcester County Health Department

    Agency: Worcester County Health Department

    OVERVIEW: Provides a wide range of mental health, drug/alcohol and prevention services to Worcester County residents. .SERVICES:1) PREVENTION CENTER: Promotes wellness through a variety of prevention programs. Interdisciplinary team offering health related educational programs, training, videos and resource materials.Cancer & Blood Pressure Screeni...

  • Catoctin Counseling Center

    Agency: Catoctin Counseling Center

    COUNSELING: Provides individual, family, couples, and adolescents counseling regarding various issues including but not limited to domestic violence, mental and sexual abuse, grief, trauma, and anger management. Offers batterers counseling, sex offender counseling, abuse survivor support groups, a substance abuse and chemical dependency program, DU...

  • Family Services Association, Counseling Services

    Agency: Family Services Association

    INDIVIDUAL & FAMILY COUNSELING: Offers counseling to address issues such as parent-teen conflict, depression, child abuse, sexual abuse, grief and loss, single-parenting, elderly needs, stress, anxiety, marital conflict and children's school or behavioral problems. Also provides counseling for batterers.

  • Anxiety and Stress Disorders Institute of Maryland

    Agency: Anxiety and Stress Disorders Institute of Maryland

    COUNSELING: Provides outpatient counseling to children, individual, couples, family and group therapy. Assists individuals with obsessive compulsive disorder,panic disorder, anxiety, including issues related to phobias, social anxiety, performance anxiety, school refusal, and hair pulling. Also treats depression, post-traumatic stress, crime and ac...

  • For All Seasons

    Agency: For All Seasons

    OVERVIEW: Provides services for victims of sexual assault/rape and offers Counseling services for mental health.SERVICES:1) CRISIS CENTER: Provides two 24-hour hotlines, Spanish and English, a text line, and advocacy response to victims of rape/sexual assault and victims or witnesses of other violent crimes.2) MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES: Provides menta...

  • Identity

    Agency: Identity, Inc.

    OVERVIEW: Identity works with thousands of Latino and other underserved young people and their families living in high poverty neighborhoods across Montgomery County, Maryland after school, in the community and on playing fields to improve their social-emotional wellbeing, achieve academic success, and prepare for work with trauma-informed programs...

  • Identity Wellness Centers

    Agency: Identity, Inc.

    WELLNESS CENTER: Offers a continuum of programs and services that improve students' cognitive, physical, social and emotional development. The Centers provide the students with a variety of extra-curricular opportunities, mentoring and case management services, mental health counseling and on-site health screenings and care. Any student enrolled in...

  • Identity, Crossroads Youth Opportunity Center

    Agency: Identity, Inc.

    OVERVIEW:  Operates the County's two Youth Opportunity Centers that offer a wide range of integrated programs and services to provide disconnected youth with the skills and support they need to move towards positive education and employment outcomes. SERVICES:1) COUNSELING: Provides individual and group counseling for mental health and substance ab...

  • Tri-County Youth Services Bureau

    Agency: Tri-County Youth Services Bureau

    OVERVIEW: Offers juvenile diversion programs and family support. Street outreach for homeless youth up to age 24.SERVICES:1) DIVERSION: Provides delinquency prevention services to children and youth up to the age of 24, and related services to families in Charles, Calvert and St. Mary's Counties.2) FAMILY SUPPORT: Individual, group, family, and sch...

  • Episcopal Center For Children

    Agency: Episcopal Center for Children

    OVERVIEW: Tests and evaluates children on several different planes while offering a day treatment program for children with mental health or behavioral concerns.SERVICES:1) TESTING AND EVALUATION: Provides educational, psychiatric and psychological testing of children, ages 5-11, at the time of admission, who are experiencing emotional difficulties...

  • Care Consultants

    Agency: Care Consultants

    COUNSELING AND REFERRAL: Provides counseling, training, and educational programs to youth, families and returning citizens (ex-offenders). Services include:--Tutoring & Mentoring--Personal Responsibility Training--Life Skills Training --Conflict Resolution --Behavior and Anger Management--Team Building Training--Family Preservation Training --Indiv...

  • YMCA, Youth and Family Services

    Agency: YMCA of Metropolitan Washington

    YOUTH DEVELOPMENT: Identifies youth in both the community and schools who are at risk of developing adjustment problems. Offers youth and family counseling sessions. This is not a crisis facility. Clients are tutored on a full range of subjects as well as on organizational and study skills.

  • Baltimore City Health Department, Maternal and Child Health

    Agency: Baltimore City Health Department

    IMMUNIZATION PROGRAM: Provides free vaccinations. Walk-in services provided and individuals can also walk-in for immunization records. Many childhood vaccines are available and Tetanus and MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella) are offered to adults. o Call  410-396-4454 for the TIKE program, which provides free immunizations to children. It is an ever cha...

  • MedStar Montgomery Medical Center, Addiction & Mental Health Center

    Agency: MedStar Montgomery Medical Center

    OVERVIEW: Provides mental health and substance abuse services to residents in need.SERVICES:1) MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES:o Inpatient mental health: Provides comprehensive care for individuals, ages 13 and older, in need of short-term crisis stabilization services. o Partial hospitalization: Offers a group-oriented, structured program for individuals, ...

  • Upper Bay Counseling & Support Services, Cecil County

    Agency: Upper Bay Counseling & Support Services

    OVERVIEW: Provides a wide range of behavioral, mental health, rehabilitation, addictions and home health services to adults and children in Cecil County.SERVICES:1) COUNSELING: Offers individual, marital, family, group counseling that includes drug/alcohol dependence in association with mental illness. Also provides counseling to anyone with behavi...

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