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  • Archway Station

    Agency: Archway Station

    NOTE: Must be a resident of the county, referred by a medical or mental health professional and meet the diagnostic criteria for services needed.OVERVIEW: Offers community based services to children and adults 6 years and older who are recovering from serious mental and persistent mental illness, emotional and/or behavioral challenges as well as de...

  • Arundel Lodge

    Agency: Arundel Lodge

    BEHAVIORAL HEALTH: Provides day rehabilitation, and an outpatient mental health clinic that includes a dual-diagnosis recovery program. Also offers special programs for members of the geriatric and deaf populations. Additionally has a residential program and offers supported employment.

  • Centers for Behavioral Health, Residential Treatment Facilities

    Agency: Centers for Behavioral Health

    RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT FACILITIES: Provides the Mar-Lyn residential program. Offers specialized housing services to those with severe and persistent mental illness who would need support to remain in the community. Homes are located in Cockeysville and Rockville. 

  • Charles County Freedom Landing

    Agency: Charles County Freedom Landing

    COMPREHENSIVE SUPPORT SERVICES: Provides full support services for adults with mental illness including:o DAY PROGRAM: Provides adults 18 and older pre-vocational training, supported counseling, independent living skills training and social and recreational activities.o RESIDENTIAL PROGRAM: Provides supervised living arrangements based on individua...

  • Cornerstone Montgomery

    Agency: Cornerstone Montgomery, Inc.

    OVERVIEW: Provides a comprehensive, community based, mental health and co-occuring mental health and substance use disorders treatments and interventions for adults and transition age youth who are living with severe mental illness.SERVICES:1) FOUNDATIONS DAY PROGRAM: Provides training on topics such as communication skills, problem solving, interp...

  • Family Service Foundation, Frederick

    Agency: Family Service Foundation

    1) RESIDENTIAL REHABILITATION SERVICES: Provides housing, social and independent living skills training, as well as pre-vocational skills training for deaf, deaf-blind individuals with a persistent and severe mental illness.2)  PSYCHIATRIC REHABILITATION SERVICES: Day Program services for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness. Focus...

  • Family Services, Inc.

    Agency: Family Services, Inc.

    OVERVIEW: Provides support services for adults with a diagnosed mental illness and information for parents.SERVICES:1) COUNSELING: Offers individual, couples, group, family, children, and adolescent counseling and medicine management to all ages. 301-840-32002) SUPERVISED LIVING FOR PERSONS WITH MENTAL ILLNESS: For individuals who have a primary di...

  • Go-Getters, Salisbury

    Agency: Go-Getters

    OVERVIEW: Provides a community of friendship providing sanctuary and support to adults recovering from severe mental illness. Also offers psychiatric rehabilitation programs that supports clients to live and work in the community.SERVICES:1) DAY PROGRAM: Provides day program where clients learn social and daily living skills, job training, GED clas...

  • Go-Getters, Somerset

    Agency: Go-Getters

    OVERVIEW: Provides support, encourage members to develop self-sufficiency and independence, and maximize potential for eligible individuals.SERVICES:1) DAY PROGRAM: Provides day program five days a week from 9AM to 1PM, offering social and daily living skills, crafts and psychiatric education, medication monitoring, money management and assistance ...

  • San Mar Treatment Foster Care

    Agency: San Mar Family and Community Services

    NOTE: Must be referred by Department of Juvenile Services (DJS),Department of Social Services (DSS), or Department of Mental Health and Hygiene.1) THE SAN MAR TREATMENT FOSTER CARE PROGRAM: A Licensed Child Placement Agency offers homes to girls and boys needing a high level of structure. San Mar recruits, trains, licenses, supports, and encourages...

  • Safe Journey House

    Agency: Ijomah and Associates

    RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT:  Offers a residential alternative to hospitalization or allows for shortened inpatient hospital stays for mentally ill individuals experiencing psychiatric crisis.  Services include:  On site psychiatrists, assessment and stabilization, treatment planning, case management, medication monitoring, group session, family interven...

  • Southern Maryland Community Network

    Agency: Southern Maryland Community Network

    OVERVIEW: Provides case management, psychiatric rehabilitation, employment assistance, residential rehabilitation, crisis housing and in-home intervention services to people with psychiatric disabilities.SERVICES:1) RESIDENTIAL REHABILITATION PROGRAM: Provides general and intensive housing for adults with mental illness. Provides supervision as nee...

  • Volunteers of America Chesapeake

    Agency: Volunteers of America Chesapeake

    OVERVIEW: Provides mental health and housing assistance. SERVICES:1) MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES: Provides psychiatric out patient and rehabilitation services to adults with mental illness and residential rehabilitation services 2) SHELTER PLUS CARE: Provides permanent housing, rental assistance and psychiatric rehabilitative services to mentally ill h...

  • Vesta, Waldorf

    Agency: Vesta Inc.

    OVERVIEW: Offers a comprehensive set of services for those with mental health issues.SERVICES:1) HOUSING: Efficiencies, town homes, apartments and single family homes available to eligible persons. In-home visits and services also are provided. 2) MENTAL HEALTH: Psychiatric evaluation, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, psycho-educa...

  • Woodbourne Center

    Agency: Woodbourne Center

    ADOLESCENT TREATMENT SERVICES: Offers residential treatment (up to 18 months) providing behavioral, health and educational services to moderately to severely emotionally troubled boys.

  • Maryland National Guard Freestate Challenge Academy

    Agency: Maryland National Guard

    RESIDENTIAL YOUTH DEVELOPMENT: Provides a 22-week military style, residential program that offers youth an opportunity for self-improvement while learning skills necessary for adult life. Residence is followed by an intensive placement and mentoring in employment and follow-up education. Activities for enrolled participants include the opportunity ...

  • Oak Hill House

    Agency: United States Fellowship, Inc.

    RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT: Provides a residential treatment program for at risk adolescent males.  Program teaches life skills training, education and after care planning to prepare them to successfully re-enter the community and continue to function as active and responsible members of society. Therapeutic family weekends are held three times a year a...

  • Associated Catholic Charities St. Vincent's Villa

    Agency: Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Baltimore

    THERAPEUTIC GROUP HOME: Offers a therapeutic residential treatment setting for children, ages 5 years through 13 years, who are unable to live in a family setting due to emotional and behavioral problems. Residents receive individual, group, family therapies; psychiatric services; psychological testing and assessment; on site routine medical care; ...

  • Linwood Center

    Agency: Linwood Center

    SERVICES: Provides year-round education, vocational training, residential services, and employment opportunities for children and adults living with autism. This includes a school program, supported employment, day habilitation, and community-based residential services. 

  • Maryland Department of Juvenile Services, Alfred D. Noyes Youth Center

    Agency: Maryland Department of Juvenile Services

    RESIDENTIAL: Provides residential care for eligible youths. Residents have been found by the Juvenile Court either to be a danger to themselves, others, or unlikely to appear for a court hearing. Youths receive mental health and substance abuse assessments, with follow-up counseling as necessary, physical education, and daily instruction in a struc...

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