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  • Adventist HealthCare Behavioral Health & Wellness Services

    Agency: Adventist HealthCare

    OVERVIEW: Provides adolescents varying intensities of mental health intervention services.SERVICES:1) INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT TREATMENT PROGRAMS (IOP): Assists adolescents and adults with a structured therapeutic treatment environment for individuals with mental illness or substance abuse challenges or both (also known as co-occurring disorders).2) AD...

  • Brook Lane Inpatient Hospitalization Program

    Agency: Brook Lane

    INPATIENT HOSPITALIZATION: Provides crisis stabilization for adults, children, and adolescents.  Offers individual rooms in age-appropriate units with an average stay of 7-9 days during which time a patient receives 24-hour nursing care, intensive clinical interventions, an individualized treatment plan, that may include individual, group, and fami...

  • Frederick Health Hospital, Behavioral Health Unit

    Agency: Frederick Health

    MENTAL HEALTH CARE: Provides inpatient psychiatric assessment, medication stabilization and individualized treatment, as well as individual and group therapy. Treatment requires active participation.See separate program for Psychiatric Partial Hospitalization. 

  • Laurel Regional Hospital

    Agency: Dimensions Healthcare System

    OVERVIEW: Provides general medical and surgical services, including emergency services, diagnostic testing, obstetrics, rehabilitation services, mental health, cardiac cath lab, a wound care center, infusion center, community health education classes, a sleep wellness center and support groups.SERVICES:1) BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICES: Adult psychiatr...

  • Meritus Health Care System, Behavioral Health Services

    Agency: Meritus Health Care System

    EMERGENCY ASSESSMENTS: Provides emergency psychiatric services and substance use assessments through the emergency department of the hospital. Individuals are then referred to the appropriate level of care. INPATIENT: Provides an 18-bed acute inpatient service for individuals with severe depression, psychosis, or other serious mental illness. Patie...

  • MedStar Montgomery Medical Center

    Agency: MedStar Montgomery Medical Center

    HEALTH CARE: A full service, acute care hospital that provides surgical and emergency services, internal medicine, occupational and physical therapy, psychiatry, radiation oncology and chemotherapy, dental and ophthalmology care, obstetrics, diabetes management, home health care, social work services, woman's health and specialized care. See separa...

  • MedStar Montgomery Medical Center, Addiction & Mental Health Center

    Agency: MedStar Montgomery Medical Center

    OVERVIEW: Provides mental health and substance abuse services to residents in need.SERVICES:1) MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES:o Inpatient mental health: Provides comprehensive care for individuals, ages 13 and older, in need of short-term crisis stabilization services. o Partial hospitalization: Offers a group-oriented, structured program for individuals, ...

  • National Institutes of Health, Schizophrenia Research Program

    Agency: National Institutes of Health

    OVERVIEW: Offers outpatient and inpatient study and treatment.SERVICES:1) OUTPATIENT STUDY: NIMH GENETIC OF SCHIZOPHRENIA, ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Adults between the ages of 18 and 55 must carry a diagnosis of schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder, depressed type and be free of extensive substance abuse, neurological, or medical problems. ...

  • Prince George's Hospital Center

    Agency: Dimensions Healthcare System

    OVERVIEW: Offers a range of inpatient and outpatient medical and surgical services.SERVICES:1) CARDIAC CARE CENTER: Specializes in balloon angioplasty, catheterization and open heart surgery. 2) MATERNAL/CHILD HEALTH CENTER: Includes a neonatal intensive care unit and a perinatal center. 3) SEXUAL ASSAULT CENTER: Offers free services to any age vic...

  • Psychiatric Institute of Washington, The

    Agency: Psychiatric Institute of Washington, The

    OVERVIEW: Offers in-patient care, substance abuse services, and specialized services.SERVICES:1) ADULT SERVICES: Provides inpatient psychiatric services to adults 18 and older, including those with a dual diagnosis.2) CHILD & ADOLESCENT SERVICES: Offers an inpatient psychiatric program for youth ages 11-17.3) SUBSTANCE ABUSE SERVICES: Provides a 3-...

  • Shore Behavioral Health Services

    Agency: University of Maryland Shore Regional Health

    PSYCHIATRIC AND SUBSTANCE USE SERVICES: Offers inpatient and outpatient mental health services for individuals ages 18 and older as well as for individuals dealing with substance use issues. Provides individual, group, and family therapy as well as medication evaluation and monitoring. Offers case management for adults with chronic mental illness.-...

  • Spring Grove Hospital Center

    Agency: Maryland Department of Health

    CHILDREN & ADULT PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES: Provides short-term, intermediate and long-term in-patient psychiatric treatment for adults and children.OLDER ADULT PSYCHIATRIC PROGRAM: Provides psycho-geriatric program for patients ages 65 and older. Provides medical care for acutely ill and recovering adult patients. Does not perform surgery.

  • St. Joseph Medical Center, Psychiatric Services

    Agency: University of Maryland, St. Joseph Medical Center

    PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES: Offers a full range of inpatient, partial hospitalization and outpatient care. Voluntary admissions ONLY.  Assists with medical problems associated with substance abuse, but does not provide treatment for substance abuse. Only emergency room cases will be seen and assessed at the hospital. Social workers counsel patients and f...

  • Thomas B. Finan Center

    Agency: Maryland Department of Health

    NOTE: Must be referred by mental health professional or emergency room.OVERVIEW: An in patient facility for mentally ill adults 18 and older that offers a comprehensive psychiatric program that is designed to help individuals return to the most appropriate community setting.SERVICES:1) CASE MANAGEMENT: Provides individual treatment planning and dua...

  • UPMC Western Maryland, Behavioral Health Services

    Agency: UPMC Western Maryland

    OVERVIEW: Services are provided for both psychiatric and addictions disorders and are available on an Emergency basis 24 hours per day in an Emergency Room setting, or in a traditional inpatient or outpatient environment.SERVICES:1) EMERGENCY BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICES: Provides a professional counselor who is available 24 hours per day, seven days...

  • Children's National Medical Center

    Agency: Children's National Medical Center

    OVERVIEW: A private, non-profit hospital offering 7 outpatient centers, 2 ambulatory surgical locations, and 6 community health centers in Washington, D.C. Provides comprehensive care from hospitalizations to outpatient care in more than 40 sub-specialties.SERVICES:1) GENERAL MEDICAL AND SURGICAL SERVICE: Provides medical and surgical services such...

  • Mountain Haven Wellness and Recovery Center

    Agency: Office of Consumer Advocates

    COVID-19 UPDATE: Reopening July 1st: 10am to 4pm.*****NOTE: Transportation available if needed.BEHAVIORAL HEALTH: Provides socialization for individuals who have used or are currently using behavioral health services. Offers various outings to help reduce stigma about behavioral illness as well as hot meals, games, arts and crafts, education on beh...

  • On Our Own, Calvert County

    Agency: On Our Own of Maryland, Inc

    RECOVERY CENTER: Wellness and recovery center offering self-help, peer support, advocacy, outings and center-run activities. Donations of paper products and cleaning supplies are welcome. 

  • Archway Station

    Agency: Archway Station

    NOTE: Must be a resident of the county, referred by a medical or mental health professional and meet the diagnostic criteria for services needed.OVERVIEW: Offers community based services to children and adults 6 years and older who are recovering from serious mental and persistent mental illness, emotional and/or behavioral challenges as well as de...

  • Arundel Lodge

    Agency: Arundel Lodge

    BEHAVIORAL HEALTH: Provides day rehabilitation, and an outpatient mental health clinic that includes a dual-diagnosis recovery program. Also offers special programs for members of the geriatric and deaf populations. Additionally has a residential program and offers supported employment.

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