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  • Anne Arundel County Youth Development Services

    Agency: Anne Arundel County Economic Opportunity Committee

    COUNSELING: Provides therapeutic counseling to youths. Offers individual, group and family counseling, substance abuse assessments, mental health assessments and referrals, psychological services, crisis intervention, outreach programs, substance abuse education, and information.

  • Baltimore County Police Department, Counseling Team

    Agency: Baltimore County Police Department

    ASSESSMENTS: Counselors work with young people and their families with the goal of preventing crime and fostering positive interpersonal relationships and life skills. Sessions are conducted at Police Athletic League (PAL) Centers, police precincts, schools, counseling offices, resource centers and other community agencies. Sessions are limited to ...

  • Bowie Youth & Family Services

    Agency: Bowie Youth & Family Services

    COUNSELING: Provides confidential family counseling with individual families and groups of families, and a youth job bank to match youth with community residents in need of help. Typical youth issues can range from aggression/anger, sibling rivalry, school issues, peer interactions, step family relations, rebellion, withdrawal, running away, and su...

  • Johns Hopkins Hospital, Hispanic Clinic

    Agency: Johns Hopkins Hospital

    MENTAL HEALTH: Provides services for a range of mental health problems to individuals of Hispanic origin in Maryland. A bilingual therapist and several psychiatrists offer individual, group and family psychotherapy, psychiatric evaluation, case management and medication management. Will also serve/refer those dealing with substance abuse and domest...

  • Pastoral Counseling Center of St. Mary's County

    Agency: Pastoral Counseling Center of St. Mary's County

    PASTORAL COUNSELING: Provides counseling grounded in the perspective of Christian faith to people in the tri-county region for individuals and families living with depression, anxiety/panic disorder, grief, divorce, alcohol/substance use recovery, and in building healthier relationships, often facilitated by 2 therapists. The average number of sess...

  • Pressley Ridge Western Maryland

    Agency: Pressley Ridge Western Maryland

    OVERVIEW: Therapeutic Foster Care Program that provides an alternative to institutionalizing children with mental health diagnoses and severe behavioral and emotional problems.  NOTE: Children entering into foster care MUST be referred by DSS, JJS, or a mental health agency or professional.SERVICES:1) FOSTER CARE: Provide specialized training to th...

  • WIN Team, Baltimore City, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program

    Agency: WIN Family Services

    PSYCHIATRIC REHABILITATION: Offers individual and family counseling to youth and adults who have experienced mental health trauma, and works to strengthen individuals.

  • Total Health Care, Substance Use Disorder Treatment

    Agency: Total Health Care

    SUBSTANCE USE DISORDER TREATMENT: Offers substance abuse assessments and evaluations, individual, family and group counseling, intensive outpatient program, acupuncture, outpatient detox, primary medical care for patients in the substance abuse program, dual diagnosis treatment (mental health and substance abuse), gender specific groups, specialize...

  • Apex Counseling Center, Counseling Services

    Agency: Apex Counseling Center

    COUNSELING SERVICES: Provides individual, couple, and family counseling. Also offers one-on-one substance abuse counseling, psychiatric assessments and medication management.

  • Atlantic Psychological Practice, P.A.

    Agency: Atlantic Psychological Practice, P.A.

    MENTAL HEALTH: Specializes in assessment and treatment of adolescents and adults who have behavioral and emotional disorders. Also offers individual, family, marital, and group counseling for adults who are experiencing anxiety or depression. Psychological testing and diagnostic evaluation are also provided.

  • Bowie Counseling Services

    Agency: Bowie Counseling Services

    COUNSELING: Provides individual, couples, group and family counseling covering various topics to children, adolescents and adults. Offers treatment  for traumatic events, survivor abuse, grief/loss, depression, anxiety, stress management, and assist with gender transitions. Medication management, anger management courses and evaluations are not pro...

  • Blue Ridge Behavioral Health Services

    Agency: Blue Ridge Behavioral Health Services

    1) THERAPY: Offers individual, couple, and family therapy as well as social skills support groups.Therapy and treatment for but not limited to marital issues, anxiety disorders, depression, sexual abuse, post-traumatic stress disorders, and eating disorders.2) PSYCHIATRY: Provides assessment and medication management for individuals with mental ill...

  • Brook Lane Outpatient Therapy

    Agency: Brook Lane

    MENTAL HEALTH: Offers comprehensive mental health services for adults, children (ages 4 and up), and adolescents. Services include assessment, evaluation and medication management as well as individual therapy, marital therapy, and family therapy.  Offers support, guidance, and intervention to develop coping skills, heal and move forward. 

  • Bridges' Behavioral Health & Wellness

    Agency: Bridges' Behavioral Health & Wellness

    MENTAL HEALTH: Provides mental health services to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families with diagnoses and challenges related to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity (ADHD), Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Compulsive Disorder (OCD), ...

  • Centrepointe Counseling

    Agency: Centrepointe Counseling

    COUNSELING: Provides a Christian-based mental health service which works with individuals, families, churches, organizations, and families to improve relationships, deal with emotional and spiritual struggles, negotiate life transitions, and find meaning from the center of one's life. Issues may include, but are not limited to pre-marital counselin...

  • Center for Mind-Body Therapies

    Agency: Center for the Mind-Body Therapies Inc.

    MENTAL HEALTH CARE: Focuses on integrating conventional mental health care with complimentary healing modalities such as message, naturopathy, and medicine. Special emphasis is placed on teaching skills and practices that enhance awareness, relaxation, and psycho-spiritual growth. 

  • Christian Counseling Services of Western Maryland, Counseling

    Agency: Christian Counseling Services of Western Maryland

    COUNSELING: Offers individual, marital, family, children/adolescent, sexual abuse and substance abuse counseling.

  • Committed to Change, Outpatient Mental Health Clinic

    Agency: Committed to Change

    MENTAL HEALTH: Provides outpatient mental health services for both children and adults. Services include screening and assessment, diagnostic determination, medication management, individual counseling, family counseling, couples counseling, and group counseling. Telephone crisis intervention is available 24/7 for existing clients. 

  • Community Counseling and Mentoring Services, Mental Health Services

    Agency: Community Counseling and Mentoring Services

    OVERVIEW: Provides several mental health treatment programs for children, adolescents, and their families.SERVICES:1) CHILD THERAPY: Behavioral Modification Therapy, Play Therapy, Art Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.2) PRE-ADOLESCENT AND ADOLESCENT DEVELOPMENT:  Behavioral Modification Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Systems ...

  • Divorce Resource Center

    Agency: Divorce Resource Center

    OVERVIEW: Provides counseling for adults and adolescents from divorced homes; individual, couples, and family counseling. Also seen are persons for a variety of issues from age 10 tom100. An experienced clinician who also is trained in hypnosis, EMDR, as well as a number of other areas. Depression, anxiety, trauma, and dissociation are a few of man...

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