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  • Potomac Family Planning Center

    Agency: Potomac Family Planning Center

    REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH: Offers a full range of reproductive health services, including pregnancy testing and birth control. Surgical abortions and abortion by pill are both available. Up to 10 weeks patients may decide which method they prefer. From 10 to 13 weeks, only the surgery is available. In Hagerstown, surgeries are offered under local anesthe...

  • Planned Parenthood of Maryland, Easton Health Center

    Agency: Planned Parenthood of Maryland

    OVERVIEW: Provides general medical and reproductive health to low-income adults in need.SERVICES:1) HEALTH EDUCATION: Offers information and education on approved birth control methods.2) MEDICAL SERVICES: Offers GYN exams, pregnancy testing with counseling and referral on all options for continuing or terminating pregnancy, family planning counsel...

  • Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, DC Health Center

    Agency: Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington

    REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH: Offers walk in services for pregnancy testing, HIV testing, STD screening and emergency contraception. Also assists  with pregnancy counseling, adoption referrals and pre-natal care referrals. Provides surgical and medical abortions, complete gynecological exams, pap smears, medical treatment for abnormal growth (Colposcopy, Cr...

  • Whole Woman's Health

    Agency: Whole Woman's Health

    PREGNANCY CLINIC: Offers free pregnancy testing, and low cost pregnancy options counseling, STD testing, contraception and outreach services. Also provides medical abortions up to 10 weeks and surgical abortions up to 22 weeks.  

  • Anne Arundel County Department of Health

    Agency: Anne Arundel County Department of Health

    HEALTH CARE: Provides health care services to individuals in need. Services include, children audiology services, dental care, pregnancy testing, HIV counseling and testing, tuberculosis clinic, vision/hearing testing and WIC nutrition program. Also provides seasonal flu hotline, to hear dates and locations of local flu clinics.  

  • Carroll County Health Department, Reproductive Health

    Agency: Carroll County Health Department

    FAMILY PLANNING/GYN CLINIC: Offers various services to men and women such as a complete physical exam, including breast exams, pap smear and cervical/vaginal cultures. Provides colposcopy, biopsy, endocervical curettage, and cryotherapy as needed and repeat pap smears. Offers specialty services for follow-up of abnormal pap smear for women of any a...

  • Care Net Pregnancy Center of Southern MD - Lexington Park

    Agency: Care Net Pregnancy Center of Southern Maryland

    OVERVIEW: Provides Free Pregnancy Tests, Limited Diagnostic Ultrasounds, Parenting Classes, Baby Needs and Supplies, Abstinence Education, Counseling and Education, Community Services Referrals, Safe & Confidential Environment, and Abortion Recovery Support.SERVICES:1) PREGNANCY HELP: Provides free pregnancy tests, limited diagnostic ultrasounds an...

  • Care Net Pregnancy Center of Southern MD - Prince Frederick

    Agency: Care Net Pregnancy Center of Southern Maryland

    OVERVIEW: Provides education, family planning services and baby supplies.SERVICES:1) FAMILY PLANNING SERVICES: Provides free pregnancy tests, limited diagnostic ultrasounds and abortion recovery support.2) EDUCATION:  Offers counseling to women (and men) regarding reproductive issues by providing them with facts about pregnancy, parenting, adoption...

  • Caroline County Health Department

    Agency: Caroline County Health Department

    HEALTH DEPARTMENT: Provides communicable disease prevention, wellness promotion and environmental protection for all residents of the county.- HIV TESTING: Provides confidential and anonymous AIDS testing and counseling. Call 410-479-8000.- BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Must appear in person, be the parent of the person referred to in the birth certificate an...

  • Capital Women's Care

    Agency: Capital Women's Care

    OVERVIEW:  Provides a wide range of Gynecological services to women. SERVICES: 1) BIRTH CONTROL: Provides several options for contraceptive for women including Extended Cycle Birth Control Pills, Mini pill, Depo Provera, IUD's, NuvaRing, The Patch and Morning After Pill (emergency contraception). 2) TREATMENT OF COMMON SYMPTOMS: Provides treatment...

  • Cecil County Health Department

    Agency: Cecil County Health Department

    OVERVIEW: Provides a wide range of health services and community outreach to Cecil County residents.SERVICES:1) HEALTH INSURANCE ENROLLMENT: Refers individuals to community agencies with trained navigators and assisters responsible for facilitating enrollment and education of consumers of qualified health plans offered through the marketplaces. Enr...

  • Charles County Department of Health

    Agency: Charles County Department of Health

    OVERVIEW: Provides affordable health services to Charles County residents. SERVICES: 1) NURSING AND COMMUNITY HEALTH: o Children: Offers a school health program, maternal & child health services, immunizations, and health insurance for children, WIC, child abuse and neglect prevention,  and dental services.  o Adults: Offers the Breast and Cervic...

  • Community Free Clinic

    Agency: Community Free Clinic

    NOTE: Services not dependent on employment status or income. Must be a county resident.OVERVIEW: A comprehensive medical clinic that serves uninsured county residents.SERVICES:1) DOCTOR and PROVIDER CLINIC: Offers primary, specialty, and chronic care as well as medication monitoring.2) NURSE MONITORING and MEDICATION CLINIC: Offers blood pressure c...

  • Columbia Pregnancy Center

    Agency: Columbia Pregnancy Center

    PREGNANCY CENTER: Provides free counseling, pregnancy testing, STD testing, referral to services, maternity and baby clothing to women with a crisis pregnancy. Also accepts donations of infant and maternity clothing. 

  • Dorchester County Health Department

    Agency: Dorchester County Health Department

    ADDICTIONS PROGRAM: Provides evaluations, counseling, and referral services for those who are drug and alcohol dependent. Offers outpatient substance abuse treatment; intensive outpatient program; detox referral; DWI addictions counseling; family addictions counseling; aftercare program; community outreach services; adolescent program, including sc...

  • Howard County Health Department, Columbia Health Center

    Agency: Howard County Health Department

    OVERVIEW: Offers general medical services, family options program for first-time pregnant and/or parenting youths, WIC, MCHP and AERS program to eligible residents.SERVICES:1) GENERAL HEALTH SERVICES: Provides immunizations, family planning clinics, AIDS/HIV counseling and testing, sliding fee scale pregnancy testing for teens 13-19, and an STD cli...

  • Kent County Health Department

    Agency: Kent County Health Department

    OVERVIEW: Provides a wide range of health services, prevention and community education to residents of Kent County.SERVICES:1) COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES: Provides outpatient mental health services. Offers screening, counseling, medication and hospital referrals. Includes individual, family and group therapy and psychiatric and psychological ...

  • Montgomery County Public Health Services, Germantown Health Center

    Agency: Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services

    REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH: Services include maternity care, family planning referrals, child and adolescent health referrals, immunizations (on certain days), and pregnancy testing.

  • Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, Gaithersburg

    Agency: Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington

    REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH: Provides support services for people needing reproductive health services. SERVICES:o Birth control (including oral contraceptives, Depo-Provera, "the Patch," Nuva Ring, IUD)o Emergency contraception o HIV testing, counseling, and referralso STI (sexually transmitted infection) testing and treatmento Pregnancy testing an...

  • Pregnancy Aid Centers, Inc.

    Agency: Pregnancy Aid Centers, Inc.

    OVERVIEW: Provides support and medical care to women.SERVICES:1) PRENATAL CLINIC: Provides maternal health care services, including testing, monthly check-ups, counseling on childbirth options, family planning, and in-house obstetrical services for women with high-risk pregnancies.2) MARYLAND MEDICAL ASSISTANCE: Provides help applying for medical a...

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