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  • Frederick County Health Department, Colorectal Cancer Screening Program

    Agency: Frederick County Health Department

    NOTE: Must be a county resident between the age 50 or older who is uninsured or under-insured and meet income guidelines. Call for further information.Provides eligible individuals with services for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of colorectal cancer. Program offers literature and information at health fairs and workshops throughout the c...

  • Frederick Memorial Hospital, Crestwood

    Agency: Frederick Regional Health System

    HEALTH CARE: Provides advanced Imaging (X-ray, bone density scan, CT, MRI, ultra sound, digital mammogram)  and Rehabilitation services (physical, occupational, speech and speech language therapy), as well as laboratory draw and specimen collection stations. No appointment needed for x-rays or laboratory work. Offices, Medical Fitness program and P...

  • Breast and Cervical Cancer Program, Frederick County

    Agency: Frederick County Health Department

    NOTE: Must be a county resident between the ages of 40 and 64 years who is uninsured or under insured and meet income guidelines. Women 65 and older may qualify if they are receiving Medicare Part A. Call for further information.OVERVIEW: Provides eligible individuals with services for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of breast and cervical...

  • Howard County Health Department, Colorectal Cancer Screening Program

    Agency: Howard County Health Department

    COLORECTAL SCREENING: Provides colorectal screening for ages 50 and older. 

  • Prince George's County Health Department, Cheverly Health Center

    Agency: Prince George's County Health Department

    COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER: Provides an array of health care services to Prince George's County residents. Testing includes Chlamydia Testing, Conventional HIV Blood Testing, FREE HIV Testing, Gonorrhea Testing, Hepatitis B Vaccine, STD Testing- Substance Use Disorder: Intensive outpatient alcohol and drug abuse treatment is open to men and adolescent...

  • Robinwood Professional Center

    Agency: Meritus Health Care System

    OVERVIEW: A medical complex designed to provide comprehensive health care. SERVICES: 1) TOTAL REHAB CENTER: Offers a full range of rehabilitation programs including but not limited to inpatient joint replacement, outpatient sites and occupational rehabilitation. Call 301-714-4025. 2) MERITUS MEDICAL LABORATORY: A full-service clinical laboratory...

  • Shore Comprehensive Urology

    Agency: Shore Comprehensive Urology

    UROLOGY: Provides diagnosis and treatment of the full spectrum of urological disease and disorder. More common conditions include cancer of the urinary tract (prostate, kidney, and bladder cancer), enlarged prostate, kidney stones, female urinary health and men's health. Offers newest medical advances in treatment, including but not limited to lapa...

  • Spanish Catholic Center, DC

    Agency: Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Washington

    OVERVIEW: Provides social services, immigration services, a medical and dental clinic, and employment development to anyone.SERVICES:1) SOCIAL SERVICES: Provides non-perishable and perishable food items for individuals and families in need. A picture ID is required. Provides assistance once a month for three months and sign up is required. Food is ...

  • St. Joseph Medical Center, Community Health Outreach

    Agency: University of Maryland, St. Joseph Medical Center

    OVERVIEW: Offers free medical screenings, support groups and health classes.SERVICES:1) COMMUNITY HEALTH OUTREACH: Offers free prostate, breast cancer screenings, and stroke screenings. Also provides seasonal flu shots. Call 410-337-1479 for more information.  2) DIABETES INFORMATION EXCHANGE: Holds lectures that offer both information and support ...

  • Teen And Young Adult Health Connection (TAYA)

    Agency: Community Clinic Inc (CCI)

    REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH: Provides bilingual (English and Spanish) care and information for young adults in need of reproductive health care & family planning throughout the DC Metro area. Provides low cost pap smears, pregnancy tests,  emergency contraceptives, birth control, school/work physicals as well as STD screening, counseling and treatment.

  • Washington County Health Department, Colorectal Cancer

    Agency: Washington County Health Department

    NOTE: Must be a county resident 18 and older who are in need of a colon cancer screening. OVERVIEW: Provides eligible individuals with services for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of colorectal cancer. Program offers literature and information at health fairs and workshops throughout the county and speakers are available for all types of ...

  • Fort Lincoln Family Medicine Center

    Agency: Providence Hospital

    HEALTH CARE: The Center strives to help families care for themselves and stay healthy through regular appointments, immunizations, screening test, and information on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.The center offers the following health care services, and more, to keep every member of your family feeling healthy and strong: Prenatal and Maternity C...

  • Frederick County Health Department, Developmental Center

    Agency: Frederick County Health Department

    OVERVIEW: The Frederick County Developmental Center (FCDC) provides specialized health and education-related services that positively impact children, their families and eligible adults in their daily lives.SERVICES:  1) INFANTS AND TODDLERS PROGRAM:  Provides comprehensive evaluations and services to children birth to 4 years of age.  Eligible chi...

  • George Washington University, Speech & Hearing Center

    Agency: George Washington University Speech & Hearing Center

    OVERVIEW: Provides a full range of speech, language, and hearing services for individuals with communicative disorders.SERVICES: 1) PEDIATRIC SPEECH AND LANGUAGE CLINIC: Offers assistance for children with speech and language disorders, including children with diagnoses of intellectual disabilities, learning dis...

  • Garrett Regional Medical Center, Wellness

    Agency: Garrett Regional Medical Center

     SERVICES:1) ARTHRITIS/FIBROMYALGIA SUPPORT GROUP: Includes discussions on various issues relating to arthritis. Also offers educational materials and resource information.2) CARDIAC REHAB: Open to patients who have had a cardiac procedure. Must have pyschian referral. Offers issues or who have had3) WEIGHT CONTROL PROGRAMS: Provides programs for p...

  • Greater Baden at Brandywine

    Agency: Greater Baden Medical Services

    OVERVIEW: Offers dental, mental heath and general health services.  SERVICES:1) DENTAL SERVICES: Cleanings, filling and other services are offered. Clinic hours: Mon & Tues. 8AM-5PM, Wed. 9AM-8PM, Thurs. 8AM-6PM, Fri. 8AM-4PM, 1st Sat of Month 9AM-2PM2) MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES: Must be referred by the primary care physician. LIMITED. Provides outpat...

  • Greater Baden at Capitol Heights

    Agency: Greater Baden Medical Services

    OVERVIEW: Provides general health services and case management.SERVICES:1) CASE MANAGEMENT: Individual case management is available to eligible clients.2) HEALTH INFORMATION: Individual health promotion is offered for nutrition, disease prevention, and AIDS/HIV prevention.3) SCREENING: Screening for AIDS/HIV, lead poisoning, TB and pregnancy.4) CHI...

  • Kennedy Krieger Institute, Clinical Services

    Agency: Kennedy Krieger Institute

    OVERVIEW: Provides comprehensive psychological, behavioral, developmental, educational and medical assessments and treatment for individuals with a variety of neurological, developmental and physical disorders.SERVICES: 1) ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY: Provides assistive aids and devices prescribed for patients with developmental disabilities and acquired ...

  • Medstar Franklin Square Medical Center

    Agency: MedStar Health

    OVERVIEW: Provides medical health services to the Baltimore County community.SERVICES:1) MEDICAL AND SURGICAL SERVICES: Provides inpatient care in medicine, surgery, obstetrics and psychiatry. Call 443-777-7000 for individual numbers of departments.2) EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT: Provides emergency services 24 hours a day with access to multiple medical s...

  • Medstar Harbor Hospital

    Agency: MedStar Health

    OVERVIEW: Provides health and life-care services at reduced/no cost to low-income individuals who cannot pay for medical treatment.SERVICES:1) DIABETES & ENDOCRINE OUTPATIENT SERVICES: Provides medication consultation and management, self management skills training, including glucose monitoring, nutrition instruction and podiatry services. Call 410...

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