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  • Alcohol and Drug Intervention, Domestic Violence/Anger Management Program

    Agency: Alcohol and Drug Intervention

    DOMESTIC VIOLENCE/ANGER MANAGEMENT: Offers domestic violence and anger management group sessions that do not have to be connected with substance abuse treatment.

  • Allied Counseling Group

    Agency: Allied Counseling Group

    COVID19 UPDATE: Offering telehealth through video and phone calls. Pleas call for an appointment.1) COUNSELING: Provides individual, family, marital, relationship, and divorce counseling services. Topics may include depression, grief, recovering from divorce, compulsive spending, gambling, self-injury, anger management, and domestic violence. Handl...

  • Bridge, The

    Agency: Cecil County Department of Social Services

    VICTIMS SERVICES: Provides services for victims and their family of domestic violence with assistance from community-based programs. Also serves as the Rape Crisis line for Cecil County.- 24-HOUR HOTLINE: Offered to persons with questions or concerns regarding domestic violence or sexual assault.- SHELTER: Provides shelter for women, with or withou...

  • Catoctin Counseling Center

    Agency: Catoctin Counseling Center

    COUNSELING: Provides individual, family, couples, and adolescents counseling regarding various issues including but not limited to domestic violence, mental and sexual abuse, grief, trauma, and anger management. Offers batterers counseling, sex offender counseling, abuse survivor support groups, a substance abuse and chemical dependency program, DU...

  • Center for Abused Persons

    Agency: Center for Abused Persons

    OVERVIEW: Offers a 24-hour hotline for persons who are in crisis and services for survivors who have been sexually or physically abused.SERVICES:1) CRISIS INTERVENTION HOTLINE: Provides 24-hour hotline for persons in crisis. Trained volunteers and staff offer supportive telephone counseling and referral services to persons who are lonely, depressed...

  • Citizens Assisting and Sheltering the Abused

    Agency: CASA, Inc.

    OVERVIEW: Provides support services to survivors of domestic violence and/or sexual assault as well as abusers.SERVICES:1) 24 HOUR HOTLINE: Staff provides individuals with confidential crisis counseling, education, safety planning, information and referrals 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.2) DOMESTIC VIOLENCE/RAPE CRISIS PROGRAM: Provides counselin...

  • Crisis Intervention Center, Calvert County

    Agency: Calvert County Health Department

    OVERVIEW: Provides short and long term therapy for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, abuse and other traumas.SERVICES:1) HOTLINE: Provides crisis counseling to victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault and information regarding the center's services. Available 24/7.2) COUNSELING: Provides individual and group counseling to pers...

  • Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking Division

    Agency: Prince George's County Department of Family Services

    OVERVIEW: The Prince George's County Department of Family Services Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking Supportive Services Division assists in the coordination of services and programs for individuals impacted by domestic violence, human trafficking or sexual assault regardless of where they reside.  SERVICES: 1) COORDINATION OF SERVICES & PROG...

  • Family Crisis Center, Prince George's County

    Agency: Family Crisis Center of Prince George's County

    OVERVIEW: Provides domestic violence resources.SERVICES:1) SHORT-TERM SHELTER: Provides 24-hour safe shelter for victims of domestic violence; open to men/women/families2) ABUSER INTERVENTION: Offers counseling  & anger management teaching individuals and families how to relate to each other without the use of violence.3) GROUP COUNSELING: Provides...

  • Family Services Association

    Agency: Family Services Association

    COUNSELING:- INDIVIDUAL AND FAMILY COUNSELING: Offers counseling to address issues such as parent-teen conflict, depression, child abuse, sexual abuse, grief and loss, single-parenting, elderly needs, stress, anxiety, marital conflict and children's school or behavioral problems. Also provides counseling for batterers.- MENTAL HEALTH EVALUATION AND...

  • Heartly House

    Agency: Heartly House

    NOTE: Offers shelter to individuals and families in immediate danger only.OVERVIEW: Serves residents who have been impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and child abuse.SERVICES:1) 24-HOUR HOTLINE: Hotline advocates provide supportive listening, education, options and referrals to victims of domestic violence, sexual assa...

  • House of Ruth, Gateway Project, Abuse Intervention Program

    Agency: House of Ruth, Maryland

    PERPETRATORS SUPPORT: A multi-week program for men and women who have used violence or other abusive behavior toward an intimate partner. The program focuses on breaking through denial, examining abusive tactics and developing non-violent, egalitarian relationship skills.

  • Montgomery County, Victim Assistance and Sexual Assault Program

    Agency: Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services

    OVERVIEW: Offers emergency services and crisis management to families in domestic violence situations.SERVICES:1) CRISIS CENTER: Victims & offenders of mate-related abuse can talk to trained counselors by calling the 24-hour crisis line or by walking in to the 24-hour Crisis Center. Emergency housing services can be accessed through the crisis cou...

  • Walden Behavioral Health

    Agency: Walden Behavioral Health

    OVERVIEW: Offers behavioral heath and crisis services to adolescents, adults and families in need at multiple locations in St. Marys & Charles CountiesSERVICES:1) CRISIS INTERVENTION SERVICES: Offers general walk-in crisis intervention and referral,  Domestic violence and sexual assault trauma counseling provided.2) BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICES: Prov...

  • Baltimore City, Central Booking and Intake

    Agency: Baltimore City Police Department

    LAW ENFORCEMENT: Central location for booking and processing arrestees in Baltimore City. All visitors, to include children, must dress appropriately for visitation. All clothing must cover from the neck to the kneecaps.The following types of clothing are not allowed to be worn:- Tube tops, tank tops, or halter tops- See-through clothing- Mini-skir...

  • Cecil County Detention Center

    Agency: Cecil County Sheriff's Office

    DETENTION CENTER: Provides a Correctional Facility that houses 168 males and 32 females from minimum to maximum security levels. The facility houses persons awaiting trial or have been convicted and received sentences up to 18 months.-Inmate Services: Offers GED classes, counseling services, drug and alcohol and anger management classes to inmates....

  • Frederick County Adult Detention Center

    Agency: Frederick County Government

    CORRECTIONAL FACILITY: A full service correctional facility offering all available alternatives to incarceration to include: Pretrial Services, Home Detention, Alternative Sentencing/Community Service and Work Release, as well as traditional incarcerations and imprisonment for offenders either awaiting trial or who have been sentenced.

  • Maryland Department of Juvenile Services, Baltimore City

    Agency: Maryland Department of Juvenile Services

    CORRECTIONAL FACILITIES: Provides individualized care and treatment to youth who have violated the law, or are a danger to themselves or others. DJS strives to help young people, with the involvement of their families, reach their full potential as productive and positive members of society.  Develops an action plan for treatment and behavior modif...

  • Maryland Department of Juvenile Services, Green Ridge Youth Center

    Agency: Maryland Department of Juvenile Services

    JUVENILE SERVICES: Provides a treatment program for male youth ages 14 to 18 that typically last from 6 to 9 months. Treatment includes dietary, medical, educational and counseling services as well as space for recreation. The youth residing at the center attend school in the facility year round, five days a week for six hours a day. Also offers a ...

  • Maryland Department of Juvenile Services, Western Maryland Childrens Center

    Agency: Maryland Department of Juvenile Services

    DETENTION CENTER: A secure facility for male youth waiting to go to court or be placed in a treatment program. Provides dietary, medical, educational and counseling services as well as space for recreation. In addition to receiving services, youth attends school in the facility year round, five days a week for six hours a day.

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