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  • Baltimore City Department of Social Services, Temporary Cash Assistance

    Agency: Baltimore City Department of Social Services

    FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Provides a time-limited cash assistance program for families; also offers supportive services to assist the family in regaining financial independence. Alternatives to cash assistance will be assessed for each family. Participants are required to engage in a work program from the date of the first application interview. Lifetime receipt of TCA is limited to 60 months, except for children living with relatives other than their parents and households that have a verified hardship. Also assists with burial assistance.

    • Customer Service Call Center:
      • 443-423-6400
    • Main Contact:
      • name:
    • Website:


    • 1223 West Pratt Street
      1223 West Pratt Street
      Baltimore, MD 21223
    • 5818 Reisterstown Road
      Liberty Garrison Northwest
      Baltimore, MD 21215
    • 2919 East Biddle Street
      Baltimore, MD 21213
    • 500 North Hilton Street
      Hilton Heights
      Baltimore, MD 21229
    • 2500 Pennsylvania Avenue
      Penn North Westwood
      Baltimore, MD 21217
    • 18 Reedbird Avenue
      Harbor View
      Brooklyn, MD 21225
    • 2000 North Broadway
      2000 North Broadway
      Baltimore, MD 21213

    Agency: Baltimore City Department of Social Services

    Languages Available: Language Line.

    Payment Description: None.

    Intake and Eligibility: Parents (including those caring for relative children), ages 18 and older. Must be in compliance with Office of Child Support and substance abuse policies.

    Areas Served:
    • Baltimore City County

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