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  • Southern Maryland Tri-County Community Action Committee, Inc

    Agency: Southern Maryland Tri-County Community Action Committee

    OVERVIEW: Provides assistance with an array of social service programs.

    1) ELIGIBILITY FOR MEAP and ELECTRIC UNIVERSAL SERVICE PROGRAM GRANTS: Maryland residents whose gross monthly household incomes are within the following limits, July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019
    GROSS INCOME                  
                    Monthly              Annually
    1            $1,770.00           $21,245.00
    2            $2,400.00           $28,805.00
    3            $3,030.00           $36,365.00
    4            $3,660.00           $43,925.00
    5            $4,290.00           $51,485.00
    6            $4,920.00           $59,045.00
    FOR EACH ADDITIONAL PERSON, ADD $630.00 monthly; $7,560.00 annually.

    APPLICATION: Must submit a copy of photo identity, proof of residence, copies of Social Security cards for all household members (including children), proof of household's total gross income for 30 days prior to application date (from all sources), name of home energy supplier and account number, a copy of the most recent utility bill and a copy of the lease (if renting).

    o OFFICE OF HOME ENERGY PROGRAMS: Provides MEAP and EUSP grants to eligible families, renters, roomers, boarders and homeowners toward the cost of heating in the winter and electricity year round. Grant is based on the type of fuel used, household size, household income and annual consumption.

    o EUSP (Electrical Universal Service Program): Assists with electric utility bill payment. Client is required to have bill in his/her own name and be on a monthly budget billing plan. Some funds are available for a one time only benefit for past due bill payments.

    o FURNACES: Limited funds are available for clients to be referred to the weatherization office for furnace repair, replacement, and/or other weatherization procedures.

    2) TRI-COUNTY FUEL FUND: Assists with fuel bills after client has exhausted other resources, such as MEAP. Client is asked to pay a percentage of the total bill. Client must meet income eligibility requirements:

    ELIGIBILITY EFFECTIVE: July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019
                    Monthly             Annually
    1            $2,023.00            $24,280.00
    2            $2,743.00            $32,920.00
    3            $3,463.00            $41,560.00
    4            $4,183.00            $50,200.00
    5            $4,903.00            $58,840.00
    6            $5,623.00            $67,480.00
    7            $6,343.00            $76,120.00
    8            $7,063.00            $84,760.00
    For each additional person, add $360 monthly.

    3) THE EMERGENCY FOOD ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (TEFAP): Receives government surplus food commodities and distributes them to local pantries.

    4) RENT/MORTGAGE/SHELTER ASSISTANCE: Provides limited financial assistance (when funds are available) to assist in the prevention of evictions, & homelesness or to pay for a few nights at a motel, if homeless.

    5) INFORMATION AND REFERRAL: Provides information and referral for community services in the tri-county area.

    6) HEAD START: Encourages and promotes positive family and child development by preparing families of pre-school children for success in school, work, and the community. Components of the program include parent involvement, social services, health care and education. Call for locations.

    7) SENIOR COMPANION PROGRAM: Matches low-income seniors with homebound persons to assist with daily living, simple chores, transportation to medical appointments and relief to live-in caretakers for short periods of time. Senior companions must be 55 or older, meet income requirements and be willing to serve 20 hours per week. Senior companions receive a stipend and reimbursement for mileage.

    8) RENTAL MANAGEMENT: Provides rental management services to some low-income rental developments.

    9) HOMEBUYERS WORKSHOP: Provides a foreclosure prevention counseling & community-based educational program that enables low-income families to become homeowners. Housing counselors review credit reports, provide credit counseling, and help clients upgrade credit status.

    10) HOUSING PRESERVATION: Assists clients in obtaining loans and grants for home repairs and new construction.

    • Physical Address:
      • 8371 Old Leonardtown Road
      • Hughesville, MD 20637
    • Mailing Address:
      • P.O. Box 280
      • Hughesville, MD 20637
    • Charles County:
      • 301-274-4474
      • Energy Assistance, Food, Housing, and Head Start
    • Calvert County:
      • 410-535-1010
      • Friendly's Adult Day Care Services and HOPWA
    • Fax:
      • 301-274-5638
    • Business Line:
      • 301-274-4474
      • SMTCCAC Main Number
    • Main:
    • Main Contact:
    • Website:


    • 8371 Old Leonardtown Road
      8371 Old Leonardtown Road
      Hughesville, MD 20637

    Agency: Southern Maryland Tri-County Community Action Committee

    Languages Available: Accommodations possible., English, Spanish, French

    Payment Description: For Housing Counseling - First Time Home Buyer courses

    Intake and Eligibility: Customers who need resources, referral, and temporary or financial assistance basis on criteria of local, state, or federal funding.

    Areas Served:
    • Saint Marys County
    • Calvert County
    • Charles County

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