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  • Utility Service Protection Program, Baltimore Gas & Electric Company

    Agency: Baltimore Gas and Electric Company

    OVERVIEW: Provides programs for BGE customers to assist in paying their utility bill.

    1) UTILITY SERVICE PROTECTION PROGRAM (USPP): Offers protection to low-income families from utility cut-offs by allowing MEAP-eligible households to enter into a year-round, even monthly payment program with BGE. Plan is based on estimated cost of customer's average annual utility usage minus the MEAP grant. Client may ask for USPP when applying for MEAP or can call the nearest MEAP sign-up center for information. Apply at local MEAP Office.

    2) HOSPITAL PROGRAM: If a client is hospitalized, they should speak to the hospital's social worker so they can speak to BGE to verify the client's situation and discuss time of discharge and the client's bill.

    o BUDGET BILLING: Spreads out annual BGE bills into even monthly payments. Plan is based on their most recent 12 month cost of customer's utility usage.
    o BILL EXTENDER PLAN: For customers on a fixed income, such as Social Security, Disability, V.A. benefits, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Family Investment Program (FIP) or a pension. This plan extends utility bill due dates to a date more in line with benefits.
    o THIRD PARTY NOTIFICATION: BGE sometimes must turn off gas and electric service when customers don't pay their bills. Such a step is taken as a last resort. In an event that BGE has to turn off gas and electricity, to protect customers, especially if they are ill, incapacitated, handicapped or away from home, one can designate a third party to receive a copy of any turn-off notices.

    a) Quick Home Energy Check-Up: Comprehensive home audit.
    b) HVAC Tune-up and Equipment Rebates: Rebates for refrigerators, washers, window air-conditioners, refrigerator and freezer recycling.
    c) Peak Rewards: Central air-conditioning cycling: Sign-up credit and summer bill credits. Electric water heater program for water heating cycling and winter bill credits. To participate call 888-309-7325. For more information go to the website,

    • Non-MEAP Customers:
      • 410-685-0123
    • Energy Efficiency Improvements:
      • 800-309-7325
    • Energy Efficiency Improvements :
      • 877-685-7377
    • Fax:
      • 443-213-3233
    • Toll-Free:
      • 800-685-0123
    • Senior Worker:
      • name: Stephen J. Woerner
    • Website:


    • 39 West Lexington Street
      39 West Lexington Street
      Baltimore, MD 21201

    Agency: Baltimore Gas and Electric Company

    Languages Available: Accommodations possible.

    Payment Description: See notes.

    Intake and Eligibility: BGE customers.

    Areas Served:
    • County

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